Saturday Surf Awareness


Saturday Surf Awareness (SSA) was an initiative of Black Head Surf Life Saving Club based on a similar course running at the Far South Coast club of Pambula. The program was brought to life at Black Head Surf Life Saving Club in the 2007/2008 season with 12 participants from the local areas.

The aim of SSA is to provide a fun, non-competitive activity for people living with a disability in the district. It enables participants to experience surf and beach activities in a safe and supportive environment based on the existing “Nippers” program.

SSA is eagerly awaited each year by the local community and those who take part, with a number of participants returning each season.


Designed and developed by Black Head Surf Life Saving Club, SSA gives residents living with disabilities in the Manning and Great Lakes areas a “Hands On” opportunity to become involved in Surf Club life. With the assistance of local respite groups, participants come to Black Head Beach each summer to take part in the 8 week course.

On the day itself with guidance from patrolling members, those in the SSA program enjoy land and water based activities. These events include beach walk/run, beach flags, relay events, Tug’O’War, kick-board pool swimming and board riding in the surf. The SSA group also proudly assists the patrol of the day with “on beach” PR duties.

Whilst having fun, group members also learn important lessons in beach safety. These include things such as how to identify lifesavers on a patrolled beach, where to swim, how to attract attention if they get into difficulty, and various rescue techniques.

At the end of the 8 weeks, a presentation is held at Black Head Surf Life Saving Club with those taking part receiving a certificate and trophy. They also get to demonstrate to family and carers what they have learned over the summer.

For more information on Saturday Surf Awareness, please email Mr Dick Quinn on

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